The TravelFitness Workout Quiz

Are you doing all you can to stay fit while traveling? Take this quiz and find out.

1 I always make time for my workout when traveling.

2 When packing for a trip, I remember to pack workout clothing and equipment.

3 I often take the stairs instead of an escalator or elevator.

4 Before my trip, I check to see what health club amenities will be available at my hotel.

5 I take special precautions to avoid injury while working out on the road.

6 I know how to exercise within the confines of my hotel room.

7 When pressed for time on the road, I usually attempt to at least get minimal exercise each day.

8 My regular workout is adaptable to travel situations.

9 I capitalize on a new environment to give me fresh workout ideas.

10 While traveling, I stretch several times a day.

11 I often incorporate fitness activities into business entertaining.

12 I set realistic on-the-road fitness goals.

13 I have developed methods to stay motivated to work out while traveling.

14 I keep track of the progress I make with my on-the-road exercise goals.

15 I have created 2-3 interchangeable travel workouts.

16 When traveling, I frequently work out in the morning to make sure I get it in.

17 I often make fitness a part of my sightseeing activities.

18 On extended trips, I always make sure to get strength training and aerobic exercise.

Interpret Your Score:

0-40% Travel exacts a toll on your fitness well-being. Follow the tips in chapter five of Travel Fitness: Feel Better, Perform Better On The Road to improve your on-the-road workouts.
40-70% Travel is still harder on your fitness routine than it needs to be, but you are taking steps in the right direction.
70-100% You are handling the challenges of working out on the road and probably feel better than most travelers. But keep reading to discover other ways to improve.